A little bit of tape, and nothing will get in your way.

VARA Tape is the ultimate solution in pain relief and support.

Highly Elastic

Our kinesiology tape stretches to 180% its original length making it the most flexible and dynamic sports tape out there.

Easy on the skin

VARA Tape has a medical grade latex free hypoallergenic adhesive that will not cause skin irritation.


And sweatproof. VARA Tape can be worn while swimming, showering and even through your sweatiest regimes.


Made with a high grade lightweight cotton fabric, you’ll barely know you’re wearing it. Except, of course that you’ll be feeling great.


VARA Tape comes in 4 main colors to suit any preference, from the subtle to the punchy, look at me.


Our rolls can be custom cut to respond to a wide range of conditions and application types.


varakt-detail01VARA Tape is a high performance premium professional therapeutic tape engineered to help you play on when your body isn’t up to it. It delivers effective PAIN RELIEF and SUPPORT to combat hundreds of conditions. It promotes IMPROVED CIRCULATION, SPEEDS RECOVERY and PREVENTS injury. VARA Kinesiology Tape can be applied to almost any part of the body. It is a premium athletic tape engineered to perform through the most demanding workouts, day in day out, though showers and even the pool.



VARA Tape comes primarily in continuous uncut rolls 2 inches wide by 16.4 feet long. It is extremely easy to apply and can be customized for any taping application. The sports tape is highly elastic and designed to mimic the flexibility of skin & muscle, stretching to 180%. It is made with lightweight, high-grade cotton for enhanced breathability and comfort.



VARA Tape is hypoallergenic & latex-free, made with a medical grade acrylic adhesive that is gentle on the skin. The adhesive is very strong and designed for extended wear of up to 7 days – engineered with an advanced s-wave form. VARA Tape tape is waterproof and sweat proof and will provide support through even the highest impact activities.

Stop Wasting Your Precious Time & Money on Tapes that Won’t Stick, Aren’t Waterproof, or Leave Your Skin Feeling Awful.

VARA Tape is Unmatched.

Extra Strong Adhesion

Our adhesive will last up to 7 days long when applied properly, and will wear comfortably throughout the toughest workouts, and even the pool.

Unmatched Value

Our tape lasts longer, provides better support and can withstand anything you throw at it. You can do away with expensive medications, creams or treatments and resume activity now.


We are so convinced you will love our tape, we are standing behind it firmly with a 100% satisfaction gurantee. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with our product you can receive your money back, hassle free, within 30 days. Now how about that?






"Exactly what I was looking for in an athletic tape. Adheres well, even around the edges."

− EN

"This stuff was particularly durable compared to other tapes I've used. I have a bad shoulder, and every now and then I need to tape it up to relieve some of the stress off my rotator cuff. Great product, highly recommended."

− Nick M

"The best part is that this tape does not slide off throughout the day. I work out all the time, for many hours at a time, and even with all my sweat and movement, this tape stays put which is astounding! Other tapes I have used start to slide off within an hour of so, especially if I am moving around a lot, but not this one. I also like that this tape does not constrict my movements. I am free to move how I please with the tape on my skin, but I still feel supported."

− Anon

"It works really well! Feels like it gives me free ROM with full support. The tape is thinner than other brand so less self conscious while I am exercising. I find that it is also easier to apply. Love the product! I would definitely buy it again!!"

− Momiji K

"This tape was all that I could have hoped for. It adheres well to the skin and stays on after a shower. Most important, it provides great support and has decreased the pain and swelling in my Achilles tendons."

− Ann

"I'm grateful my therapist recommended this. It's been a great help in loosening up the fascial restrictions from my injury and surgical repair."

− Ginger

"A friend just recommended I try VARA and I've been impressed thus far. The adhesive seems to be stronger and more dependable and I feel like I'm getting the support I've been seeking. It's a really high quality product and stays on longer than the other tapes."

− James G

"I found that this product has been very helpful with my lower back pain and even with daily aches and pains. I try to do what I can to stay away of pain medicine and so far this helps! Great product and good value."

− Kira B

"I like swimming very much and I swim an hour every day. Using this tape is a true relief for my knees. This tape lasts very long even with swimming and showering 2 times a day. And if you take into account that I do not use any adhesives the result is great - 7 days!!! I'm impressed!"

− Trini

"This tape was all that I could have hoped for. It adheres well to the skin and stays on after a shower. Most important, it provides great support and has decreased the pain and swelling in my Achilles tendons."

− Ann

"This tape is awesome! I'm a runner and always have some ache or pain. I was skeptical at first, but the tape really works. It lasts forever - even through sweaty workouts - it's easy to put on, and comes with really helpful instructions."

− Jenny M

"Had to buy your tape because of allergies. Love the tape. It works wonders."

− Charlene N

"Loved the tape. I usually get a rash from most types of tape and I haven't experienced any reactions with this one."

− Michelle Li

"after trying a few and having trouble with the durability of others she felt that this one seemed to have it all. …a couple weeks in and I am really loving it so far - it stays on long enough and I barely notice it's there. Oh and I have sensitive skin, and no issues there either! Amazing."

− Kate O

"I train 3 to 5 times a week, and injuries are almost inevitable. I find it has a good balance between support and allowing for freedom of movement. Also, I can leave it on for ages, saving the assize hassle of re-taping the affected are every time I train, only to have it peel off in the shower afterwards. It's a really well thought out product."

− Jonathan

"I am an intermediate runner and this is my first time using Kinesiology Tape (not the last!). I was very impressed with how long the tape lasted - it is waterproof and lasts easily through workouts and beyond."

− Aviva F