VARA Tape uses natural body mechanics to create a low-impact solution to recovery & support.

VARA Tape works as a lightweight bracing membrane that gives support and alleviates pain. Unlike tensor bandages, the tape sticks to the skin with an advanced adhesive to form a second skin, and users experience comfortable, improved range of motion and non-constricted blood flow. The tape is meant to be worn for days at a time without requiring changing.


How Kinseiology Tape Works?

VARA kinesiology tape works by lifting the skin – forming convolutions and increasing interstitial space between the skin and fascial layers. Pressure and irritation are taken off the neural and sensory receptors, alleviating pain. Pressure is gradually taken off the lymphatic system, allowing it to drain more freely.

The application of kinesiology to the body pulls upper layers of skin to create increased space between the outer dermis layer and muscle. This new space relieves pressure on the lymph channels in this area, enhancing lymph flow and drainage through the affected area.

This same space stores nerve receptors that transmit information to the brain. When compressed, during injury for example, the nerve receptors that communicate to the brain about temperature, touch, pressure and pain are inhibited. Kinesiology tape manages the information being transmitted to trigger less reactive responses in the body, relieving the stressors that can interfere and slow down the healing process.

Fascia is a layer of material in the body that separates the muscles and organs, helping to provide support in some areas. The body’s lymphatic system removes fluids and chemicals in the muscles. Lymph channels pass through fascia between bone and muscle, and between skin and muscle. Lymph channels are spread throughout the body, ranging in size, from smaller than a hair to 2cm.

Irregular flow of lymph can cause an accumulation of fluid, resulting in swelling, and can infringe on the space between muscle and skin

There are six basic ways VARA Tape tape operates:

  1. Mechanical – improves stability

  2. Fascial – creates or directs movement of fascial layer

  3. Spatial – decreases pressure over targeted area

  4. Tendon/ligament – decreases stress on ligament or tendon

  5. Functional – provides sensory stimulation to either limit or enhance motion

  6. Circulatory/lymphatic – assists in moving and equalizing lymphatic pressure, moving fluid from congested areas


"I train 3 to 5 times a week, and injuries are almost inevitable. I find it has a good balance between support and allowing for freedom of movement. Also, I can leave it on for ages, saving the assize hassle of re-taping the affected are every time I train, only to have it peel off in the shower afterwards. It's a really well thought out product."

− Jonathan

"I am an intermediate runner and this is my first time using Kinesiology Tape (not the last!). I was very impressed with how long the tape lasted - it is waterproof and lasts easily through workouts and beyond."

− Aviva F