You don't have to be a pro to feel like one.

Carefully follow instructions in the taping application guide that was supplied with your VARA Tape. In it you will find instructions for a number of the most common taping applications, along with some essential tips for getting the most out of your kinesiology tape.

Handling the Tape for Easy Application


Hold the tape with both hands near the starting point of where you would like to tape (can be center or ends), and pull apart gently –  with minimal force, create a tear in the backing paper at one edge.


Work the same tear from one side of the strip to the other until the backing paper is broken into two portions, both still attached to the tape.


Peel back paper just enough of the paper to have an exposed region of  adhesive with which you can begin to apply to your body.


Press this exposed portion down on your skin with the remaining backing paper still applied. Rub the tape down into the skin for proper adhesion – the heat cause by the friction will activate the adhesive.


Lift away the backing paper in the direction of each end (one at a time), all the while continuously pressing the newly exposed adhesive portion into the skin. if you want stretch in the tape, pull the tape end before pressing down.

"I was looking for an alternative to my bulky knee brace, so I thought I would try out the VARA tape..good adhesion and you can cut the tape to whatever length you need.. perfect-finally a knee brace I can wear under my skinny jeans!!"

− Sarah R

"It works really well! Feels like it gives me free ROM with full support. The tape is thinner than other brand so less self conscious while I am exercising. I find that it is also easier to apply. Love the product!
I would definitely buy it again!!"

− Momiji K

"This tape was all that I could have hoped for. It adheres well to the skin and stays on after a shower. Most important, it provides great support and has decreased the pain and swelling in my Achilles tendons."

− Ann