Everyone can benefit from VARA Tape - for elite athletes & everyone else.

Is VARA kinesiology tape right for you?

Pretty much anyone, of any age or activity level, will benefit from VARA Kinesiology Tape. Whether you have a muscular-skeletal injury or you are trying to prevent an injury, then the answer is YES.

VARA Tape is a versatile therapeutic athletic tape, worn by everyone including elite athletes, those undergoing medical treatment, and of course, for every day, general, wear and tear. VARA Tape provides targeted pain relief of sore muscles and joints, staying in place for days at a time. Delivers support without restricting comfort and range of motion. Improves joint function and stability. Promotes blood flow for rapid recovery.

There is a common misconception that kinesiology tape is a treatment or device used only by high performing athletes. In actual fact, this revolutionary product can help anyone requiring support of sprained joints or relief from muscular pain, whether caused by long hours working at a desk or from physically straining activity.


VARA Kinesiology Tape will help athletes recover from injury and get them back to peak performance. It can also prevent the injury from happening in the first place. Recovery times are paramount in the life of high performing athletes; when sidelined for too long, muscle attrition can take effect and have devastating effects on performance. The natural healing benefits of kinesiology tape, allow athletes to get back into the game before reconditioning becomes a necessity.

Weekend warriors

Injury can have many adverse effects on exercise junkies including weight gain, anxiety and depression. Extended periods of inactivity from injury can make it difficult to return to the gym and a healthy lifestyle once healed.

Accident Victims

Injury resulting from car accidents or bad falls can have lingering effects on one’s health, and it can be crucial to give their body any opportunity to heal quickly, safely & naturally, without side effects. VARA Tape’s benefits can greatly assist and shorten recovery, returning you to the life that you love. It is designed to complement and integrate with your physical therapist’s recovery program.


Naturally more prone to muscular-skeletal conditions that can impair basic mobility, seniors can use kinesiology tape as both a remedy and a preventative measure. With VARA Tape, seniors can continue to live independently, free from injuries and nagging muscular issues.


An active lifestyle is critical to childhood development, and being held back by injury can be staved off with the help of VARA Tape. It is safe for use for children, both hypoallergenic and latex-free.

"I'm grateful my therapist recommended this. It's been a great help in loosening up the fascial restrictions from my injury and surgical repair."

− Ginger

"A friend just recommended I try VARA and I've been impressed thus far. The adhesive seems to be stronger and more dependable and I feel like I'm getting the support I've been seeking. It's a really high quality product and stays on longer than the other tapes."

− James G

"I found that this product has been very helpful with my lower back pain and even with daily aches and pains. I try to do what I can to stay away of pain medicine and so far this helps! Great product and good value."

− Kira B